Where have I been?

Well, let’s see. There’s school. I’ve been working on my AA for Theatre Arts for about four years now and finally I think I’m in reach of finishing it. I did the final exams for my classes last week so now I can finally enter the professional workforce and be a somebody! Woo-hoo!

Also, I’ve been trying to hit up the stand-up comedy scene a lot more in Los Angeles. That has resulted in numerous rewards of sorts. Including more booked spots, more friends and more exposure… For better or worse I’m not quite sure. But I do know that my chops have been improving.

Besides that and the occasional theatrical diversion, not much else besides some wild dreams. I dreamt an ex girlfriend of mine has been trying to kill / stalk / same thing me lately and also I have a tendency to be alone a lot more. Maybe I just hate people a little more consistently this year. But being that there’s going to be a lot more time opening up this year, I’m looking forward to having a consistent frame of work under my belt so I can work on the important stuff… Like this. The issue at hand is that there’s so much content I want to put out that I hardly put out anything at all.


Stay Glued


WordPress WAS additionally for character analyses… BUT now it’s JUST for Dreaming up Video Game Ideas.

Stuff like this

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.32.24 PM

Will be replaced by stuff like this (turned into drawings)

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.31.24 PM.png

Strange I know but let’s just say that I’m tired of abusing the Internet’s capacity for data storage [a depth more confusing than health care] that I have taken it upon myself to issue stricter guidelines to align myself by for the benefit of people who may actually look at this stuff and maybe (?) be impressed someday? Not sure.

TL; DR here’s this down here.

Update WordPress Video


NEW Dark Comedy 3D Platformer Game Idea

Still working on that second aspect

Separate from the one I’ve been posting on, I came up with this other idea from another dream.

Still working on that second aspect
Skeet’s Character and Dialogue Analysis
I guess that makes Skeet a woman
I mean seriously, aren’t mosquitoes that bite WOMEN??!!
He has telekinesis and that’s cause Skeet sucks…

More simply, its the misadventures of an ordinary boy who sees a war veteran male (tranny, rather, cause he used to be a woman during the war) transform into a mosquito and suck blood in order to enable the boy to use his hidden power of telekinesis

I thank Caitlyn Jenner to thank (or despise) for this. JEEZ AND CRACKERS.

Need Title Suggestions for “Giant Squid and Mutant Boy” Videogame

Gives me more reason to watch "Attack On Titan"

Had a couple of other stuff to do today but, I did manage to sketch these!

He's not so much of a drip once you get to know him,
Wuzei in Watery Wuh-CHAOS!!!

Its of the two antagonists and the setting.

Sorta looks like Picasso DREW it!
I wouldn’t quite know if this is the title, but the stage would look like this if you were playing from outside, ha-ha!

IMG_1397Just so you can get a better idea.

ALSO, I need someone to help me with titles! I have no idea what to call this game!!!

Yes I CAN elope!
For just a one drawing, this isn’t bad!

Commensalism? Soggy Lunch? Late Night Munchies? Death by Irony? These are okay but I need somethin’ LEGIT.

Dream Causing: Horror Videogame Idea

Sometimes I don't put pupils. Or eyes, for that matter.

I have to hold in this poo 💩

I mean, logically, that’s the most I can do. Because speaking on a personal level, obviously, I have to take a major shit.

However, I’d rather lose sight by accomplishing my dreams than lose sight of my dreams.

Like, I don’t see any new idea as a “bad idea” “horrible idea” “godawful idea” if not an idea that can be improved on.

For example, today I woke up after a terrifyingly realistic nightmare of sorts; you can feel my excitement as I told the tale (more or less, ha-ha) to my ex.

Furthermore, being I’m also a cartoonist in hand with a writer, I started on some concept art of the big bad duo. Take a peek!

That’s right. You heard me.
Sometimes I don't put pupils. Or eyes, for that matter.
Ready for my close up?
They're not easy to draw.
More like HMMM… bold Squid?
Would LOVE a better program than this.
I didn’t want to name him “Jerry,” but I did want him to be a schoolboy rich kid who for some reason is treated like Jerry from P&R.

Still learning how to use WordPress, but that’s my creative update today.


Marquez “The Legend” Choi

Today, not only did I meet this hilarious friend of my roommates… I also got inspiration for a film & a podcast.

Film :  Marquez “The Legend” Choi is known throughout Santa Monica as an amazing womanizer. But when he gets his friend up in the mix, is there someone the King has to worry about, overthrowing him?

Podcast : Based off 15 min – 30 min impromptu interviews with interesting characters around me — where I try to get them through as wide of a range of emotions as possible whilst conversing about some topic they’re passionate about — me and maybe some other writer try to go ahead and develop their backstory, likes/dislikes, adventures and conflicts with amusing results!

The wheels are a turnin’.


Saturday Dreams

I have an app from the developer of WerdSmith called Dreamer.
Basically a Dream Journal. I always wanted one so now that’s what I got.


   As you can see, I use a lotta applications to create.
(Don’t ask about my data plan.)

I especially enjoy the moon that’s on there. How nice…

   I write in multiple languages… At least that’s what I say to show off to other people que yo soy multilingual. 


What I do while I ogle at Girls across from me

I am typing words so that way nobody suspects a fucking thing while Aaaaa…a?-_-Amora walks by talking on her cell phone rbsably wondering wehre the fuck I am. And I figure that it’s due to a certain trait of fear that makes me scared that I will be fired because even in a humanistic company, I’m frolicking instead of working. I don’t know. That’s just me.